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Maria Johnson

Trainer-consultant, english translator

Hello, I am Maria!

I am a trainer-consultant and (English-Estonian) interpreter at Aeternum. In life, I am driven by my passion for words and communication. As a sort of “anthropologist of the soul”, I am forever curious about and fascinated by the big picture. I love to write and meditate in nature.

My journey in the field of psychology so far involves studies at the University of Tartu and a three-year training in counseling at private school “Terviklik Mina”. I have also furthered my education independently and through various training courses in leadership, counseling and positive psychology. As a freelance interpreter, it has been my privilege to learn about adult education alongside many different presenters and trainers from all over the world.

As a trainer I am guided by the principle that the best teacher is first and foremost a student. I know from experience that learning and developing as an adult is neither easy nor natural. It requires a lot of energy and persistence. I consider it important to inspire the trainee in a sustainable way in order to ignite his or her lifelong journey towards a happier and more authentic life. I use my natural openness and direct communication style to inspire participants to examine their personal boundaries and limitations. I believe that in each of us is the urge to grow and positively influence our environment. All one has to do is find and harness the hero within.