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Kreeta Arusaar


Hello, I am Kreeta!

My role at Aeternum is to support adult development. My journey in this role began with studies of adult education at Tallinn University and then “trying my hand” at different facets of the field. Studying adult education has provided valuable experience in both group leadership and knowledge transfer in a way that is as productive as possible for the learner.

My greatest wish is for each person to be able to use deep self-analysis as a valuable tool in their professional and personal development. Therefore, in addition to teaching the topic, I always focus on reflection. I appreciate the learning materials engagement with the learner’s own practical activities and personal experiences. A personal approach ensures productive learning for the individual, which in turn effectively develops the entire team / organization.

I have enhanced my knowledge in the Master’s program in Human Resources and Development to provide the organization as a whole with the best opportunities for the development of its people. I love furthering my education with a wide variety of topics. I have completed courses in psychology, self- management (NLP), marketing, visual note taking, youth work and other topics.

All of this knowledge is supported by practical work experience in customer service, sales, service management, training and conference (event) organization, HR and human development.

I believe in the idea of “all or nothing”! So I enjoy being passionate about my activities and getting close to my ideals.