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Kersti Oja-Aava

Customer relationship manager


Hello, I am Kersti!


My role at Aeternum is to create and facilitate customer relations.
Having worked in various service companies and international organizations, I have practical and long-term experience in service and customer relations. As a professional, I am supported by the knowledge gained at the Institute of Law of the University of Tartu, and I have also completed 3 years of training as a Counselor in Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy. These experiences accompany me in my professional and personal life.

In addition, I have completed various trainings in psychology, communication, service, sales, and self-management (NLP) as well as marketing, financial management, and product development courses.

I have a wealth of practical experience in organizing various (customer) events and trainings, as well as sales – these are the very experiences that have created the foundation for joining Aeternum’s professional team.

The belief that supports me most in my work is that in order for a person to learn successfully and with lasting results, he or she must have supportive curiosity. My work is guided by the idea that life has to be simple and difficult situations can be turned into useful ones. So that in the long run they will work in our favor!

My friends say that I am a fair and caring person who is always consistent in what I do. My cheerfulness and confidence are complemented by a good sense of humor.