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Katrin Sõlg

Manager of customer relations

Hello, I am Katrin!

On a daily basis, I am in the role of Customer Relations Manager at Aeternum. It is my sincere interest to unite two parties in cooperation. The learner on one hand and a provider of new knowledge on the other. In addition, I advise the client both before and after the development program.

Previous work- and learning experiences have given me opportunities to experience a variety of prominent roles across multiple organizations. I graduated in Applied Psychology with a specialization in Service Management from the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences. I have had further training in sales psychology, negotiation skills, communication, leadership and customer service. I am affiliated with MTÜ Õpideemia, which is engaged in support and development of practicing teachers. It has been a valuable experience supporting my personal growth and development.

In life, I am guided by the knowledge that before you can understand others, you must first understand yourself. Reflecting on what you have learned and experienced can help you achieve your personal and business goals more successfully.

If you are looking to develop and train yourself or your team, be sure to get in touch in order to gain a positive learning experience!