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Kati Tikenberg

Trainer-consultant, partner

Hello, I am Kati!

I am a trainer-consultant at Aeternum and one of the founders of the company. I have been involved with consulting and training since 2005.

The most important thing for me is to make people think outside of their current frame of thought.

By education, I am an adult educator and psychologist. I have also studied pedagogy, and am an alumni of the Youth to School program. I have worked as a teacher of Estonian language and literature at a public school. I value continuous learning and development and look for ways and opportunities to improve myself and gain new experiences on a daily basis. New experiences inspire me the most, so I am happy to step out of the comfort zone by initiating change and new ventures.

As a person, I am result-oriented and that also stands out in my daily work. This means that it is important for me that the training meets the goals that have been set. In order to achieve results, I believe systematic and holistic action to be paramount. My friends say that I am a sunny person with a good sense of humor, who always inspires by example.

I am also a trainer at the Äripäev Academy.