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Anna-Liisa Kadaksoo-Jones


I’m Anna-Liisa!

I’m the newest member of Aeternum family and joined as a trainer-consultant to mainly look after English speaking training. My interest in training and the specifics of how adults learn stems from my Adult Education studies at Tallinn University. I am CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualified HR Business Partner.

I have spent 15 years of my career in the UK working in rapidly growing start-ups. I bring not only a wealth of experience in navigating the challenges of international teamwork but also a genuine love for the richness that a multicultural work environment brings. I’m passionate about communication and especially the cultural nuances of it.

My approach to training is built on a foundation of understanding an organisation’s unique challenges and goals, and my mission is to provide tailored solutions that drive tangible, sustainable results. My training methodology includes innovative techniques and real-world scenarios. Whether it’s honing leadership skills, enhancing team dynamics, or optimising processes, I thrive on delivering engaging sessions that inspire lasting change.