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Signe Kiisk

Trainer-consultant, parnter

Hello, I am Signe!


I am one of the founders of Aeternum. In my day-to-day work I help organizations grow and develop on their professional journey. In other words, I consult and train the staff of various organizations, helping to create systems that consistently support this development.

By education I am a physiologist and I have also studied business administration at university. Continuous self-education is very important to me and over the years I have continued my education through various trainings.

By nature I am a practitioner, I believe that the most effective theories come from practical experience. I have experience working / managing both large and small businesses. Over the past 10 years I have had entrepreneurial experience in various fields. I find all these different experiences extremely useful in my work as a trainer- consultant because it helps me see situations and opportunities from different perspectives.

For me, a flexible, personal and holistic approach to training that is based on the specifics and characteristics of each company, is paramount. As a trainer, I value the ability to empathize and connect with different target groups. In addition, I value the ability to cope with a number of counter arguments that adult learners may have based on their previous experience / knowledge. It provides the basis for a trusting relationship between the trainer and the trainees, providing an opportunity for open discussion and helping to reinforce what has been learned.

Colleagues and friends describe me as a true “survivor” who adapts remarkably well, is able to think strategically, and responds quickly to the situation.